SUN 2018 Town Hall Notes

Question: Is there interest in all day classes at lower key events? Note: these would be classes where you could come and go if necessary.



  • All day classes are hard to do at events
  • Perhaps this would be more successful at something more focused
  • This could work at something like a Moot


There was significant interest presented in ½ day classes.


  • ½ day classes could allow for a deeper dive
  • ½ day classes could allow for a beginner class in the morning and advanced in the afternoon.
  • Interest in make & take classes:
    • Tunic
    • Garb Construction
    • Turn Shoes
    • Hair Styles
    • Casting
    • Metal work
    • Camp stool
    • Scribal/Scrolls


Feedback & Suggestions for SUN:

  • The carports/tents helped divide the space well but they didn’t limit sound
  • Generally loud and hard to hear
  • The dance classes on the stage couldn’t hear their music, potentially because the acoustics of the stage are so different from a standard classroom space
  • Better lighting/lighting control is desired, particularly for classes using projectors.
  • Clocks in the rooms
  • Bell instead of a herald at class change time
  • Mildew on the tents and smoke from the outside fire made breathing a challenge for sensitive populations


Suggestions for teaching/SUN setup:

  • Separate doing from learning by lecture
  • Lecture & doing in stations, where you can start with the lecture and then move on to stations to learn the various stages of the art/science
  • Cost based on day for 2 day SUN


Suggestions for Other Kingdom A&S Events in NS:

It was brought up that there already are some larger A&S events that draw from the kingdom:

  • Bardic Madness
  • Griffin’s Needle


Some suggestions for other learning events:

  • A weekend scribal academy focused on getting new scribes ready to take their first assignments.
  • An event focused on Intermediate and Advanced level classes
  • Metal Symposium


Kingdom A&S Competition Suggestions:


  • Having a greater breakdown of categories: ex. Beginner, GOA, and Peer.
    • Note that just because someone is a Peer in one art/science doesn’t mean they must enter the Peer level for all art/science. They could be beginning a new thing.
  • One of the things that keeps people from entering is committing in advance without knowing the specific weekend and location when committing.
  • Posting more about A&S Competitions at other events so people will be able to get experience entering
  • Having Regional Competitions that feed up to Kingdom.
  • Have more info on what is expected at the different levels and how to put together a project
  • Have more smaller and regional competitions like at WW
  • Perhaps a mailing list/Group about A&S at events
    • To help people know who to contact to be judges
    • To help with information on what to do to set up A&S
  • Group for people to contact if they want advice
  • More youth classes & competition for youth (including adding a youth track to SUN)
  • What do people think about a new category: Creative Anachronism. This would be for things like the chest that looks period, but is really a cooler inside. These things that support our hobby.
    • Question: How could/would they be documented? Answers: The parts that match period (like the decorative outside of the cooler) could be documented to match period sources and so forth.