SUN 2019 Class Table

Body Class Format Class Level Class Limit
15th Century Paternosters

Rosaries and paternosters in the Middle Ages and Renaissance were important in the daily lives of the noble/ruling classes across Europe. Anplica has data-mined many Middle English wills and inventories to identify what materials were used and passed down in the last Middle Ages. Come hear the results of her research and learn a bit about these religious (and fashionable!) accessories.

Lecture Intermediate
16th Century Lace Show and Tell

Over the past several years, Gweniver has traveled to view several historical lace collections. During this discussion, she will be sharing her knowledge of early bobbin lace history and her lace-related travel photo collection with highlights from Italy, Belgium and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Lecture Beginner
A Rainbow of Rainbows

Period (and pre-period) understandings of vision and color are not the same as today's. Is color good? Or is it evil? And what colors show up in a rainbow? What are the four primary colors? You may be surprised.

Lecture Beginner
Anglo-Saxon Small Finds

Documentation and examples of small iron/steel items that have been found in graves and various sites in England that can be made in a forge.

Art and Design in Medieval Europe

Art history class focusing on art from Viking through Renaissance periods of Western (European) art. Some discussion on how knowing and using art from various sources of a period, culture, etc can help design SCA pieces that reflect your time and culture.

Lecture Beginner
Asian Award Construction

Japanese and Chinese didn't have illuminated scrolls as we commonly see in the European SCA. Find out the fun and interesting ways to make awards for your Asian personas more period for them. Fans, Shikishi, and other methods of award "scrolls" are shown and discussed.foro

Discussion Beginner
BASIC Heraldry 101

Learn the BASIC rules for creating a device (sometimes called a "coat of arms" or "badge").

Will cover:

  • shield shapes
  • colors (what you can put next to, but not on top of)
  • fields (and how to divide them)
  • items to go ON the colors (line-stuff, and plants, and animals - oh my!)
  • balance and simplicity (how Zen!)
  • basic resources
Lecture Beginner
Beginning Embroidery

Come and learn to create your first free hand embroidery piece.  Bring an idea or look for one in the resources that I will have available.  Learn how to pick colors, set up your hoop, and different stitches.  If you have fabric, floss, a drawing or scissors, please bring them along.  Otherwise I will provide for all these items at the class. 

Hands-on Beginner 15
Beginning Spoon Carving

Carve your first spoon with a knife. Learn basic carving operations, then shape your spoon and with a hook knife carve the bowl. "If you can peal a potato you can carve a spoon" - Paul Sellers

Hands-on Beginner 8
Being a General 101

This class is for those that would like to be a part of the command structure of the Northshield army; it is designed for both rapier and heavy, since it is about being an effective leader at all levels of command.

Discussion Beginner 20
Birth of The Dream? Cretien de Troyes' Erec and Enide

Eric and Enide by Creiten de Troyes, written about 1180, was the first of Cretien's famous Arthurian romances and the first surviving Arthurian romance. It might also be argued to be the first statement of "The Dream" which supposedly underlies the SCA. What did Cretien say in this important work? How did it help create a different culture than what had come before?

Lecture Beginner
Bizzaria d'Amore

Italian Dancing is not that hard - and I intend to prove it. Come learn a fun, intricate dance filled with hopping and fancy footwork.

Hands-on Intermediate 8
Bling your Garb- Rus Style

We will have a discussion on styles and techniques used by the Rus to make "sensible" fabric look richer and more extravagant. Learn about pearl embroidery, metal plaques, couching with gold or silver thread and other vocabulary to make your google searches easier at home to learn from.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 20
Bodhran 101: Intro to the Irish Frame Drum

In this class we will be discussing a brief history of the bodhran as well as the different styles of the instrument. The main focus will be learning the basic hand positions for the tipper and the two basic rhythms, the jig and the reel. Learner drums and tippers will be provided.

Hands-on Beginner 8
Chronic Illness and Disability in the SCA: A Round Table Discussion

This will be a round table discussion focusing on sharing ideas on how to provide accommodations for yourselves and others who enjoy an SCA lifestyle. Among the topics to be discussed are: Ways to improve SCA events for those with chronic illnesses and disabilities; Travel accommodations, advice, and suggestions; How to modify your garb/headwear/footwear/accessories; How do you pack and what do you leave at home; Wheels, wheels, and more wheels; Stoopit stairs and other impediments; and other fun topics.

Discussion Beginner 24
Cordial Making

Have you ever wanted to make a cordial but didn't know where to start? Come join us as we discuss basics and more.

*21 and older only.*

Discussion Beginner
Crafting a Scroll (Literally!)

Come learn how to make a paper Japanese scroll! In the SCA, we create many gorgeous award "scrolls." This is your chance to learn about crafting a literal paper scroll. While this class will be about crafting a Japanese scroll with paper, I will also discuss scrolls in other cultures and ones made with silk, parchment, and papyrus.

Supplies will be provided, including dowels, cord, glue, and decorated papers. A small donation for supplies is appreciated but not required.

Hands-on Beginner 5
Cultivating a Courtesan Persona

So how does one go about developing a courtesan persona? Or that of one who would patron or sponsor courtesans? Historically, courtesans were the aristocracy of sex workers, with skill sets beyond bedroom activities. In the SCA, courtesans attempt to recreate those skills into courtier etiquette and activities as a means of attracting wealthy, powerful, or influential patrons and sponsors as part of their personas.

Discussion Beginner
Dances Anyone Can Do

Think you can't dance? Think you have 2 left feet? I can teach anyone to dance who wants to learn. I have 6 dances, from a variety of places, times, and styles that I can teach ANYONE. No experience needed.

Hands-on Beginner 20
Developing Your Period Eye

How can you give your scrolls a more period look? By looking at numerous side-by-side cecexamples, we will cover materials, script choice, layout, proportions, color, and outlining.

Event Financial Planning and Reporting

Is your group considering hosting an event in the future? This class will be an overview of the forms and reporting required to run your event, from the event budget to the final report. This class is intended for exchequers and for folks planning to serve as event stewards.

Lecture Beginner
Feast kitchen basics and sanitation

Learn all the foundations for running a feast from a modern chef with nearly 20 years in the industry with federal ServSafe training, who has run several feasts as well. I will cover everything from cleaning and safe cooking practices, to budgeting and purchasing, to applying catering techniques to SCA feast environments.

The class will largely be a lecture with Q&A. No handouts are currently planned, so a laptop or pen and paper are strongly encouraged

Lecture Beginner
Food and Sex in Renaissance Medicine

Aphrodisiacs, herbal lore, nutritional theory, medicine: a hands-on cooking class to delight the senses! Bring protection for your garb, and a small donation if you wish to contribute to the food fund (but please do not feel obligated!)

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner
Gender, Sex, and Marriage in Early Ireland

Introduction to the social structures around sex, gender, sexuality, and marriage in early medieval Ireland, c. 400-1000 CE. While the poetic tales of queens and heroes and the law texts that governed the social classes present idealized (and conflicting) images of Irish past, let's put together a picture of what daily life and interaction might have looked like in reality.  The talk will include non-graphic discussion of premarital and extramarital sex, rape, polygamy, and sexuality.


Parents should be aware that the talk will include discussion about premarital sex, polygamy, infidelity, and the concept of virginity.

Lecture Beginner 25
Gnomes: Short and to the Point

Gnomic literature was popular all through our period. Short snips of wisdom, especially from well-known sources, carried a lot of weight. Come & learn about period sayings, aphorisms, proverbs, fables, maxims, pithy sayings, and memes.

Lecture Beginner
Heraldic Submissions and You

Have questions about submitting your name or arms? I'll go through the process step by step and then dispel myths and answer questions. If there is time and you want to work on something specific, please bring it.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 15
How to Make a Rune Stone Scroll With Sculpy®

Ever wanted to "carve" a rune stone, but don't want the mess of gravel and dust? Well, Sculpy is the next best thing to real stone. This class will teach one to choose colors, blend them, and roll-out the clay. Then how to mark out the design and "carve" the design. Information will include a handout with sources for either designing your own image or where to find extant images and other info about the extant stones. The hand out will also include information about the runes used during the rune stone raising period.

Lecture Beginner 20
How to Run or Sponsor an Archery Shoot or Thrown Weapons Throw

Get insight how to develop and host, even sponsor, an archery shoot or thrown weapons throw.r

Lecture Beginner
How to Run or Sponsor an Archery Shoot or Thrown Weapons Throw.

Get insight how to develop and host, even sponsor, an archery shoot or thrown weapons throw.

Lecture Beginner
How to Watch and Understand Heavy Fighting for Non fighters

An interactive discussion on how to watch and understand heavy fighting as practiced in the SCA. We will go over some fighting videos and scenarios and explain what is going on and also why some blows are good and others are not. Fighters are also welcome to attend but the focus is to try to demystify things for non-fighters.

Discussion Beginner
How to wear a tea towel in your head

Period ways to put a chunk of linen on your head. Focused on mid to late period with some early examples. Concentrated on female presenting fashions.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 10
Iaido Katas

Learn beginning katas (forms), foot work and history of the art of Iaido and how it can translate to many other aspects in the SCA.

Hands-on Beginner 20
Intermediate Illumination

This class will cover shading, whitework, planning layouts, and drawing techniques to help you take your illumination to the next level. In-class exercises as time allows. Materials provided or bring your own supplies.

Lecture & Hands-on Intermediate
Kaupang Kaupang Kaupang

Learn about this style of Norse female clothing that was found in Kaupang, Norway. The possible construction and reasonings behind the ideas. Possibly walk away with a layout for your own. Bring paper, tape measuring & pencil.

Lecture & Hands-on Intermediate 12
Late Period Figure Drawing: Sketching

Learn about the tools, techniques, and theory of the Renaissance masters, then put them into practice using a live model. Recipes for making your own drawing materials and tips and tricks for "faking it". Materials provided. Expect messy fingers.

Hands-on Beginner 10
Leather Embossing with Two Tools

Emboss your leather items with a method of tooling that is very simple and takes a lifetime to master. By learning how to bevel, you can make amazing works of art that look medieval. This method involves no cutting or complicated tooling. With just two tools, you can create intricate and amazing designs. This class will be part demonstration and part hands on. The method is simple and easy to understand and demonstrate, but it takes years of practice to get a smooth, even bevel. At the end of the class, you will know all you need to know to start that journey. This is for beginners or anyone struggling to get an even bevel in their tooling work.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 12
Lets talk -- Embroidery

Round table discussion of embroidery - bring your pieces to show, Discussion of history, styles, designs and techniques. Research books will be available.

Come and see other's embroidery, research designs and techniques, discuss history of medieval embroidery.

Discussion Beginner
Make & Take: Norse Men's coat

Bring fabric for your coat (3 yds at least, you can use this to get a rough estimate how much fabric you are likely to need:, fabric for lining (3+ yds--same as coat), fabric for trim (1+ yds), and some trim/narrow weaving for fastenings & potentially more, bring buttons if desired (I will have some available).

I will guide each person on how to make a coat like this:

I will have a couple of sewing machines and sergers and will walk the class through making their own coats. We may not get completely finished, but the main coat should be assembled at least.

Basic understanding of how to sew in straight lines on a sewing machine is a prerequisite.

Hands-on Intermediate 6
Making waraji: period Japanese sandals

Want to upgrade your footwear game, or feel like trying some non-European style? Come learn how to hand weave your own sandals. Ten kits will be available for hands on learning, but anyone who is interested can watch and learn.
Things to note if you want to participate: wear comfortable clothing and bring padding for sitting on the floor doing back strap weaving. Kits are $15 each.

Hands-on Beginner
Many styles of Norse Womens Dress

Learn the different style of Morse women's clothing through the countries. Kaupang, Kostrup, Birka, Hedeby and Slavic just for measures.

Discussion Beginner 10
Medieval Equestrian Training

The training of the medieval horse. Methods and tools for trading the horse.
Understanding of the horse's mind
Identify the typical tools that were commonly used
The levels of training: basic,finished,advanced
Maintaining the horse's training.

No Fear Knotwork

This hands-on beginner's class will take you step-by-step through drawing basic interlace bands using George Bain's method. We will also discuss how to look at period designs and figure out how to reproduce them without tracing.

Hands-on Beginner 12
Painting Ground Cloths

This is a hands-on class where you will learn how to use stencils to paint a ground cloth. Your kit will include a pre-painted ~ 2’x3’ cloth, stencils, stencil brush, painters tape, chalk, and instructions.

Hands-on Beginner 12
Period Astronomy and the evidence for a Geocentric Universe

An introduction to the astronomical information that was discovered through naked eye observation, a look at the limits of that observation, and the evidence at the time for a geocentric universe and the stars influencing our world.

Lecture Beginner 40
Pewter Casting - Hands on Fun!

We will be live action casting pewter tokens!

Hands-on Beginner
Pole Arm

Will go over pole arm as pertains to SCA heavy fighting. The topics will be dependent on the skill levels and understanding of the participants but for sure we will go over pace and range control along with at least some thrust and cutting techniques on both attack and defense. If you have a pole arm and gauntlets bring those but no fighting will be done in this class.

Lecture & Hands-on Intermediate 14
Polish Eye for the Viking Guy

An overview of Polish men’s clothing and accessories from the 16th & 17th centuries.

Lecture Beginner
Putting a Leash on Performance Anxiety

Stage fright plagues many performers. How does it work? How do you deal with it? Learn some simple strategies to help you put a leash on your fears and give you the freedom to enjoy what you already love to do!

Lecture Beginner
Roman Shoe Making

How to make a pattern and what tools you will need, as well types of leather to use and leather care products.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 15
SCA Heritage Dances (GOOP)

3 SCA Heritage dances that range from out of period to grossly out of period: Female Sailor, Korobushka, and Road to the Isle.

Hands-on Beginner 18
Stamping and Stenciling on Fabric

A hands-on class where you learn how to stamp and stencil on fabrics. You can use this to enhance your garb or anything else that is fabric.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 12
The Development of the Sword and it's impact on fighting styles 1400 - 1610

In this class, we will look at changes in sword design and how that impacted their use over the course of the 15th and 16th centuries. Much of the material covers to other Western European countries as well.

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner 25
We Don't Need No Stinking Badges: Mentoring Best Practices for the SCA

The SCA has many formal and informal mentor/mentee relationships: peer/dependent, officer/deputy, old timer or chatelaine/newbie, students, man-at-arms, yeomen, cadets, pages, and on and on. What skills does a person need to be an effective mentor? What questions does a person need to ask to ensure a good fit between mentor and mentee? What are the signs of an effective mentoring relationship? What are some of the pitfalls? How does a person become a good mentor? These questions and more will be discussed. Adapted from academic mentoring programs and research.

Discussion Beginner
What Every Seneschal Needs to Know About Exchequer Reporting

If you're the seneschal of your local group, you're responsible to sign off on several reports each month and each quarter. If your exchequer fails to submit those reports in a timely manner, with your signature included, your local group could be suspended! This class is intended to help you, as the seneschal, know what financial information you should be seeing, and what reports you need to be signing to keep your group in good standing.

Lecture Beginner
Wire Craft 101

Making Saxon era wire rings for personal use or largess. All equipment and supplies are provided to make one ring each. Craft kits will be for sale if you'd like to make additional rings.

Hands-on Beginner 6
Wire Craft 201

Making braided wire SCA circlets for personal use or largess. All equipment and supplies are provided to make one circlet each. Craft kits and tools will be for sale if you'd like to make additional circlets.

Hands-on Intermediate 6
Xia: The Chinese Knight-Errant

A discussion of the times that shaped the tradition of the wandering warrior-elite in SCA period China.

Lecture Intermediate
You Want Me to Eat What?! A Closer Look at Early Medical Practice

An in-depth and hands-on look at medical practices from the Vikings to the 14th-century Europe. We will take a look at what cures were completely bogus, and which were really useful (anyone want to drink some moldy and rusty nail water?).

This is a hands-on class where samples will be passed around of tinctures and cures, and gentles will be able to interact with tools, create cures, and make their own "leech book." Practical practice will be put into place where students will have patients and can use diagnostic tools and "medicines" to treat their ill and injured. We will reveal if they survived at the end! Some "cures" will be able to be tasted (all ingredients will be labeled for allergy purposes).

*Disclaimer: Some (non-edible) cures contain "blood" and "feces." These are substituted with vegan theatrical-grade fake blood and gluten-free play dough. This class is not intended (nor should it be used) to diagnose, treat, or cure any aliments the participants, or their associates, may have. What we can guarantee is a lot of fun and a great time!

Lecture & Hands-on Beginner